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New Zealand Millennium Cup regatta 2021 Watch Online Stream Live!

The NZ Millennium Cup regatta 2021 Live Stream online. it is the South Pacific’s premiere superyacht regatta providing superyacht owners a unique and unforgettable experience. The relaxed kiwi-style regatta is well known for its hospitality, great racing and fantastic comradery.

TAWERA yacht Alloy
NOTICE OF RACEPART 1GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION1ORGANISING AUTHORITYThe Organising Authority isthe New Zealand Marine Export Group Incorporated (Inc.) associated with the Russell Boating Club Incorporated (Inc.)Address all correspondence pertaining to the regatta to:NZ Millennium Cup NZ

New Zealand Millennium Cup 2020 Live stream Online. at Russell Boating Club, Russell, New Zealand.The New Zealand Millennium Cup is the South Pacific’s premier superyacht regatta. New Zealand Millennium Cup, Russell, New Zealand.
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4INSURANCE Each participating yacht shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with adequate cover taking into account the value of the yachts racing and the measure of damages likely to arise in the event of an accident. The captain shall ensure that a certificate of insurance (in English) reflecting the above required insurance requirements is carried onboard the yacht at all times during the regatta. As all owners are aware competitive racing inevitably carries with it an increased risk of collision between boats and resultant damage and expense. The Organising Committee shall not be responsible for losses arising during the regatta (insured or otherwise). All owners and skippers are advised that it is the responsibility of owners and/or skippers to ensure that they carry the relevant insurance. Yachts race at their own risk.PART 2RACING RULES AND CONDITIONS1RULESThe NZ Millennium CupRegatta will be governed by:a.The rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing(RRS).b.Appendix SY version 3.1, December 2018 to the RRS.c.The ORC Superyacht Rule (ORCsy), Multihull Rule.e.Yachting New Zealand Prescriptions will not apply.f.The Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations Part 2 Category shall apply.1.1The following racing ruleswill be changed as follows: a.Rule 52 Manual Power shall not apply.b.Rule 55 Trash Disposal: Add “For the avoidance of doubt, the discarding of elastic or wool bands when setting a sail is not permitted.c.Rule 64.1 is amended by replacing the word “disqualified” with the notation [DP] discretionary penalty.d.Rule 42.3 is amended so that the use of an engine is allowed up to one minute prior to a yacht’s respective start time.The changes will appear in full inthe sailing instructions. The sailing instructions may also change other racing rules.1.2Appendix T will apply.2SAFE RACING2.1The organizing authority takes a proactive stance on safe racing, prudent seamanship and good sportsmanship. Safe racing, rule compliance and rule enforcement are the responsibilities of everyone involved in superyacht racing. The level of sportsmanship atNZ Millennium Cuphas set a standard in superyacht racing and the race committee fully expects the same level of mutual respect between competitors. Accordingly, participants are required to:a.Ensure that the safety of their guests, crew and yacht is theirprimary consideration during the regatta;b.Comply with all rules of the regatta;c.Comply with all rules and regulations that apply to the yacht by virtue of its flag, classification society or other code of compliance (and have on board all valid and up-to-date certificates) and/or any local maritime authority’s decree that may apply to the yacht at the time of the regatta;d.Have due regard for any commercial shipping;e.Be courteous to all other participating yachts, the organizing authority and its representatives, as well as all other vessels encountered on the racecourse;f.Sign and submit a Daily Declaration Form with the race office promptly after completion of each race specifying any safety related incidents and/or breaches of the RRS or other rules of theregatta involved in or observed.2.2This Notice of Race sends the implicit message that the focus is on safe racing, not competitive advantage. It reinforces the fact that the NZ Millennium Cup Regatta is a congenial racing event. If the organizing authority receives corroborative or substantiated reports of a yacht being handled in an overly aggressive, un-

seamanlike or unsafe manner, they may declare the yacht or the racing tactician ineligible for future NZ Millennium Cup regattas.3ADVERTISING3.1Boats may be required todisplay advertising chosen and supplied by the organisingauthority. If this rule is broken, World Sailing Regulation 20.9.2 applies. [DP]3.2The organising authorityreserves the rightto publish or broadcast anywhere in theworld, names, images, video footage and audio recordings taken before, during or after the regatta.3.3Eventbackstay flags will be provided by the organising authority. These must be displayed during all races participated in during the regatta. Protests over the failure to display backstay flags can only be lodged by the Racing Committee. [DP]3.4Adivisional flag will be provided by the organising authorityand shall be displayed below the event backstay flag. These must be displayed during all races participated in during the regatta. Protests over the failure to display backstay flags can only be lodged by the RaceCommittee. [DP]3.5A boat may be required to carry a tracking device supplied by theorganising authority.4ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY4.1 The regatta is open to superyachts not less than 24 metres hull length (not including boom sprits and the like).The NZ Millennium Cup Committee reserves the right to make an exception to any of above.4.2Eligible boats may enter by filling in the attached entry form and paying the entry fee. 4.3Late entries may be accepted at the sole discretion of the organizing authority, after Dec 1st2020a latefee of $1000 NZD + 15% GSTwill apply.4.4To be eligible to compete in this event each Captainand / or helmsman shall be a financial member of a club recognised by the Captain and / or helmsman’s national authority.Proof of affiliated club membership to be submittedby 1stDecember 2020.4.5The Organising Authority reserves the right to limit entries.5CLASSESAND DIVISIONS5.1There are three classes.The NZ Millennium Cup Class, Corinthian Class and Multihull Class.There will be first and second prizes for all classes.Only the NZ Millennium Cup class is eligible to win the actual NZ Millennium Cup trophy.The minimum number of entries in each class is 4. The NZ Millennium Cup Committee reserves the right to make an exceptionto the above.5.2The Organising Authority will, at its sole discretion, divide the classes into divisions based on the number of boats in each class and the individual sailing capability of the yachts.A notice of the preliminary divisions and the yachts within each division will beposted on the website by 18thJanuary 2021.5.3The Corinthian Spirit class is a non-spinnaker class in monohull class that is restricted to headsails as described in RRS 50.4; spinnakers, asymmetrics or Code 0’s shall not be used. The tack of the headsail shall be attached to a furling unit, or the luff of the headsail shall be attached to the forestay by hanks.6FEES6.1Required fees are as follows7SCHEDULE7.1Registration:The Race Office will be open daily between the hours of 8.30am to 7.00pm from Sunday 14thFebruary closing at 12pm on Friday 19thFebruary 2021.7.2Dates of racing;FEE24m to 39.9mNZ$10,500+ 15% GST40m to 44.9mNZ$13,000+ 15% GST45m and overNZ$16,000+ 15% GST

DATE16/02/2021Racing17/02/2021Racing18/02/2021Racing7.3The scheduled time of the warning signal is1055hrs.7.4One to two races per day is scheduled.7.5On the last scheduled day of racing no warning signal will be made after 1430hrs.7.6The Prize givingwill be held on Thursday 18thFebruary 6.00pm at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel,Russell.7.7See attachment C for schedule of events.8HANDICAPPINGAND SCORING8.1Yachts in monohull classshall have a current valid ORCsy certificate, while those entered in Cortinthian Spirit class shall have a current valid ORCcs Certificate. Yachts in multihull classshall have a current valid ORCmh certificate. More details may be found at www.orc.org8.2More detailed information on racing formats and the overall scoring criteria will be posted on the event website prior to 18th January 2021.8.3A request for an ORCsy or ORCmh certificate shall be made by completing the on-line application form at the ORC website – application and all relevant documents to process an ORCsy or ORCmh certificate shall be submitted no later than 1st January 2021, The ORC may extend this deadline at its sole discretion.8.4The use of “pivoted or rise/fall centreboards”is permitted.8.5Yachts entered in the Corinthian Spirit class are required to have a current and valid ORCcs handicap certificate, the application is available at All yachts in the Corinthian Spirit class must submit their completed handicap application to the ORC no later than Dec 1st,2020). The organizing authority and ORC will assist Corinthian Spirit class entrants with their handicap applications.9SAILING INSTRUCTIONS9.1The sailing instructions will be available after 15/01/2021on the event website, by email, on our NZ Millennium Cup App and at registration.10VENUE10.1Attachment Ashows the location of the regatta venue.10.2Attachment B shows the location of the racing areas.Chart 5125 Bay of Islands.11THE COURSES11.1The courses to be sailed will be within the Bay of Islands using islands, rocks, inflatable buoys and boats as marks of the course. 11.2The approximate start area will be advised at the daily Owners and Captains’ daily race briefing.11.3The course to be sailedwill be advised by VHF radio and the event App not less than 15 minutes before the first yacht’s start. Each mark will be described with approximateGPS positions andthe side in which it is to be passed and the approximateposition of the finish. 12COMPETITORS TENDERS12.1Each yacht may be accompanied by its own motorised competitor’stenders,at the sole discretion of the race committee. Such competitor’s tendersmay be called upon by the race committee to assist in the management of the race, or in an emergency. Please refer to the Sailing Instructions.Competitor’s tendersshall display aflagidentifying the Yacht it supports.

13COMMUNICATIONAND ELECTRONIC AIDS13.1A yacht shall not receive radio transmissions unless available to all yachts. All types of electronic aids, including radar, VOR, satellite, are permitted. Noexternal aids, outside assistance or information may be used during theraces, except weather forecast information.13.2Yachts are requiredtooperate their Automatic Identification System (AIS) from the time they approach the starting area until departing the finishing area following the race.13.3Communications between Race Managementand all Competitors shallbemadebyVHF radio. Competitor to competitorcommunications as per SY Rule 1.3 shall be made on VHF radio,channel to be advised.14PRIZESPrizes will be given as follows: 14.1Trophiesand/or prizeswill be awarded for first andsecond on handicap for each class. 14.2The NZ Millennium Cup trophywill be awarded to the winner of the overall NZ Millennium Cup class.15DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY15.1 Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. Competitors agree to take any and all responsibility for the nautical qualities of their boat, the rigging, the crew’s ability and the safety equipment. NZ Marine Export GroupInc., Russell Boating ClubInc. and each of their respective sponsors, contractors, volunteers and all other affiliated organisations and individuals, will not accept any liability for damage to property or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during, or after the regatta. NZ Marine Export GroupInc., Russell Boating ClubInc.and each of the their respective affiliates, sponsors, agents, employees, officers, directors and contractors (the “Released Parties”) are not responsible for any damage to property or personal injury (including death) sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta and, as a condition of participating in the regatta, each participant releases all claims that it may have against any of the Released Parties for any damage to property or personal injury (including death) sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.It is the sole and inescapable responsibility of each yacht to decide whether or not to continue racing. See RRS 4 Decision to Race.15.2A Competitor shall be responsible for any and all property damage and personal injury (including death) incurred by yacht, its owner, its captain, its crew members, its guests and/or any third party while theyacht is in or about Russell which arises from the actions or inaction of the yacht, the owner, the captain or crew or guests of the yacht or which arises from the yacht’s presence in or about Russell, and the competitor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless NZMarine Export GroupInc., Russell Boating ClubInc. and each of the their respective affiliates, sponsors, agents, employees, officers, directors and contractors (the “Indemnified Parties”) from any and all claims, losses, damages and liabilities sufferedor incurred by one or more of the Indemnified Parties in respect of the same.16CANCELLATION OF REGATTA16.1The organizing authority reserves the right to cancel the regatta completely by written notification to each yacht via email to the captain’s e-mail address provided on the Entry Application. In the event of cancellation of the regatta:a)In the event the regattais postponed or abandoned for reasons beyond the organisers control arefund in whole or part will be limited to payments made for entryfee only.b)This Agreement in respect of this regatta will be terminated forthwith; andc)Each yacht, owner and captain hereby expressly agree that no claim of any nature whatsoever againstthe organizing authority will be permitted or entertained and each yacht, owner and captain herebyexpressly undertakes to indemnify the organizers in respect of any claim brought

by anyone associatedwith them and/or their yacht and any costs incurred by the organizers in relation to such claim.17AMENDMENTS TO THIS NOTICE OF RACE17.1The organizing authority reserves the right to amend this notice of race. Any amendments will be posted onthe event website.Attachment A:Attachment B

Attachment CNZ Millennium Cup 2021 Schedule of EventsMonday 15thFebruary08:30 –20:00Entries event bag can be collected from the NZ Millennium Cup Race OfficeNZ Millennium Cup Race Office, Russell17:30 –19:00Welcome Function –sponsored by Southern SparsDuke of Marlborough, RussellTuesday 16thFebruary09:00Owners and Captains daily race briefingDuke of Marlborough, Russell11:00First day’s racingOrams Marine Race Day 18:30 –19:30NZ Millennium Cup Function –sponsored by PropspeedDuke of Marlborough, RussellWednesday 17thFebruary09:00Owners and Captains daily race briefingDuke of Marlborough, Russell11:00Second day’s racingBoat International Race Day 18:00 –19:00Duke Happy HourDuke of Marlborough, RussellThursday 18thFebruary09:00Owners and Captains daily race briefingDuke of Marlborough, Russell11:00Third day’s racingRoyal Huisman Race Day 18:00 –19:00Prize-giving: Peter Montgomery MBE officiatesDuke of Marlborough, Russell.

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